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The Grass Stitcher and Live Mulch Are All You Need

Grass Stitcher Grass Stitcher
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Grass Stitcher
Grass Stitcher
With the Revolutionary Grass Stitcher Planting by Seed is Easy, Economical and Delivers Amazing Results.

Chris Grundy of DIY Network

"The Grass Stitcher works like a mini plow so grass seed gets in there good, to grow nice and thick"

"Fast forward and BOOM - Green Grass!"

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“Pays for itself”

“The Grass Stitcher will pay for itself over time as you eliminate the need for sod, topsoil, seeding machines and labor.”

Kelly Burke
Lawn care expert and author at About.com
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“It lays a great seed bed”

“The #1 feature is it lays a great seed bed prep, both for pure dirt or to just thicken existing grass. I like it a lot and it will help me big time.”

Barefoot James
LawnSite.com Senior Member

Cathy from Westbrook, CT

“The Grass Stitcher is Amazing just Amazing”

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“Works fantastic”

“Yes, I bought one and it works fantastic, very pleased with the purchase! It’s made very well and would probably last you a lifetime!”

Clark Griswold
LawnSite.com Senior Member

“Wow, just Wow!!”

“Bottom line - The Grass Stitcher is amazing. It’s designed amazingly well and it basically makes the process of planting grass seeds an extremely easy task, and a successful one at that. 5 Stars!”

Farmington Hills, MI - Amazon.com reviewer

Jen from Ivoryton, CT

“The Grass Stitcher is impressive”

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“...easy, don’t have to haul extra topsoil to cover seed …”

Diane Talon
National Home Gardening Club

“The most useful tool I have found”

“The Grass Stitcher is the most useful tool I have found for lawn repair/renovation. It is superior to the many tools I have used over the years such as garden rakes/cultivators, aerators, tillers, etc.”

Amazon.com reviewer

Dave - Old Saybrook, CT

“The Grass Stitcher is absolutely Amazing”

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“Easy and quick to do”

“Loved this product because it made a much hated task easy and quick to do.”

Mish Sproat
National Home Gardening Club

“Works well even in hard ground”

“Works well even in hard ground. Loosens soil and prepares it for seeding.”

Martha Hughes
National Home Gardening Club