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Weak lawns are susceptible to weeds and disease. The best deterrent for getting rid of broadleaf weeds is to improve your overall lawn conditions. A thick and strong lawn turf discourages weeds. So the first thing to look at is how to improve grass growth conditions. Start by having your more »

Kentucky blue grass is one of the most popular lawn turfs for cooler areas of the United States. It is hardy, thick and luxuriant. But one hardly ever sees it blue! The truth is the blue part comes from its flowers. The flowers appear when the grass is two to more »

What does it mean to have an organic lawn? Basically it means that you do not use chemical or synthetic based fertilizers, that provide “empty” food to lawn plants or use chemical herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides that kill weeds and other life. Studies have shown that the use of toxic more »

 Since most of us in December are not working on our lawns too much, I thought a bit of Lawn Care from the lighter side would make a good post. These are some of the best lawn care slogans that I found on the web. Do you have any favorites? more »

Looking for something for the flower gardener on your Christmas shopping list? Here is a tool that allows even older gardeners who find it difficult to get up and down to create beautiful garden borders around fences and trees. If you or a loved one has arthritis, back, or knee more »

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Whether you live in the snowy regions of the north or the warmer spots in the south – decorating for Christmas has become a national pastime. It’s no longer contained within the homes with a tree and paper garlands but now spreads more »

Winter doldrums got you down? It could be because you are not getting getting your weekly dose of M. caccae from mowing your lawn. Don’t laugh. It’s true. M. vaccae is a bacteria found in soil and in nature. This bacteria when ingested acts on our nervous system and gives more »

Winter is the best time for lawn and garden planning. The garden outside may be frozen over but taking time during the cold months to think and plan ahead will have you ready to start at the optimum time in the Spring. Send away for free garden and flower seed more »

Selecting a good water sprinkler for your lawn may be more complicated than you think. There are over 58 million lawns in the United States all needing water on a regular basis. With that kind of demand it’s not surprising that lawn sprinkler companies are big business. The competition for more »

It’s not only trees that clean the air. A lawn that is well maintained also absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases clear, clean oxygen. In fact any green, living plant surrounding your house is contributing significantly to better air. Studies have shown that good lawn care improves the more »

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