Common Grass Types For Warm Weather Zones

If you live in the south, then you’re in the warm weather zone when it comes to lawns and the specific types of grass that goes into making those lawns. Grasses in these areas need to survive hot dry summers inland while on the coastal fringe they may have to survive warm humid or wet summers.

These grasses can generally grow in most soil types and, while looking great in summer, can tend to brown off a little over winter.  Although brown, your lawn isn’t dead, the grass is just hibernating until the warmth returns – warm weather grasses like a temperature range of 80-100 degrees. If you don’t like the brown look, you can over sow with a winter grass such as Fescue. The most common grasses grown in the warm weather zones include:

    Bermudagrass – Is one of the most popular of the warm season grass types. It is drought resistant and retains its green color no matter how hot or dry the weather is. It actually needs to get full sun to thrive and will quickly die back if placed in the shade.  Bermudagrass can spread quickly as it has both runners and rhyzomes – just watch your garden beds as it will spread into them as well.

    Carpetgrass – If you are looking for a fast lawn, then Carpetgrass is the fastest. It grows well in wet areas compared to other grasses and can tolerate a little shade, however, this grass is quite slow in recovering from winter. This is a low growing grass that can be easily scalped.

    Centipedegrass – This is one of the more dense grasses so it can resist weeds quite easily. Being slow growing, it requires less care than other grasses and doesn’t mind a little shade, although full sun is best.

    St. Augustine – Is a thick and course grass that has become popular. You can grow St. Augustine from seed, but it is generally sodded or plugged. This is the most shade tolerant of the  warm weather grasses and is popular on sporting fields.

    Zoysiagrasses – Grows well in full sun or partial shade, however, it is the least drought tolerant of the warm weather grasses and so requires more care.

A well maintained Zoysiagrass lawn looks great, but it does come at a higher maintenance cost. Bermudagrass looks good and can be achieved with a little less maintenance, hence its popularity.

You need to take care with the grass type you use. Zoysiagrass doesn’t grow from seed so lawn repairs are not as easy as Bermudagrass, for example.  With the latter, a lawn repair tool can make lawn repairs a breeze. For Zoysiagrass, you need to sprig or sod to make good your repairs.

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