Dr. Blade – Lawn Problem Solver

Lawn care by Dr Blade

Transform your lawn from sick to thick!
It’s easy to get the thick dark green lawn you always wanted!
Dr Blade will help you identify and treat your lawn problem so you can get the correct
solution and lawn fix.

You can solve your lawn problems 3 different ways. Choose either type, symptom or season to find out what’s ailing your lawn. You’ll get a solution to fix it and information you’ll need to help prevent it from coming back.

lawn problem type


Solve your lawn problem by what type of problem you think you may have.

  • Insects
  • Disease
  • Weeds
  • Human, Animal, Misc


lawn problem symptoms


Solve your lawn problem by what symptoms are present.

  • Holes in the lawn
  • Mounds or ridges
  • Circular patches
  • Irregular patterns
  • Discolored grass blades


lawn problems by season


Solve your lawn problem by season.

  • Early Spring: 32 – 45o
  • Spring: 45 – 60o
  • Late Spring: 60 – 75o
  • Summer: Over 75o
  • Early fall: 60 – 75o


If you have a specific question, visit Dr Blade’s Lawn Diagnosis Center where you can ask the Doctor and upload photos of your lawn problem.

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