Compacted Soil

Compacted soil has little oxygen in it for grass roots to grow which eventually causes the grass to die. Lawns become compacted naturally.  It’s beneficial to periodically aerate your lawn. Your lawn can become compacted quicker from various activities. Frequent foot traffic, kids playing on the lawn or objects left on the lawn for extended periods of time cause the problem.

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  • Directing foot traffic another direction and keeping objects off the lawn for extended periods of time is the best prevention.

Remedy: Lawn aeration is helpful along with reseeding.

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Soil compaction can be a deadly problem for turf. Soil compaction is a factor common to all types of soil. However, some soil types are more prone to the problem. The problem arises when any of the minerals get out of balance as a result of natural process. Due to the problem proper space may not be available for air and water movement in the soil. Compaction removes spaces for air and water, making them available in lesser quantity for plants. This is very easy to identify this problem. Non-compacted soil has springy feel. Compacted soil is hard and not springy. It will be difficult to put shovel into the compacted soil. Areas with a lot of weed present are likely compacted.

How to fix the soil problem when it is compacted? Simple ways to get rid of the problem are by aeration and top-dressing of soil. Top-dressing of soil could be with composed or dead organic matter. Mowing your lawn about 1/3 times shorter then you normally do. Use punch core aerator for aeration purpose. Water your lawn twice a few days before aeration. It would be better to avoid spike aerator. Water your lawn regularly and mow as usual.

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