Eliminating Nimblewill Grass From Your Lawn

This one is particularly nasty. Your lawn looks fine and as lush and beautiful as ever. Then you notice a slight discoloration that begins to spread. Upon closer inspection you find you have the invasive nimblewill grass invading your lawn. Nimblewill grass grows in dense circular patches and may resemble your lawn in color at a distance. It’s color difference is more pronounced in late spring and early fall.

Proper lawn care procedures can help your lawn survive an invasion of nimblewill grasses. Be sure to keep thatch removed, aerate the soil and never mow with dull mower blades. Water early in the morning to allow the lawn plenty of time to dry before evening. Keep a regular fertilizer schedule and use low dose nitrogen applications to better control the amount. Be sure to prune or remove any trees or shrubs shading your lawn.

While a healthy lawn and good lawn care procedures can help your lawn survive nimblewill there is little that can be done to prevent it. The seeds can be spread through equipment, animals and even strong winds. Make your lawn strong enough to survive it and eliminate it as seen as it appears.

Eliminate nimblewill grass by using a non-specific herbicide. This herbicide will kill all vegetation, including your grass which is what makes this weed so nasty; you can’t eliminate it without killing the lawn in the area affected. You may need as many as 3 applications to completely eliminate the nimblewill. After the weed has been destroyed fertilize and reseed the area.

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