How come my Kentucky Blue grass lawn is green?

kentucky-bluegrass-article on grassstitcher.comKentucky blue grass is one of the most popular lawn turfs for cooler areas of the United States. It is hardy, thick and luxuriant. But one hardly ever sees it blue! The truth is the blue part comes from its flowers. The flowers appear when the grass is two to three feet in height. And of course most of us don’t let our lawns get that high!

I’m also not quite sure it is called “Kentucky” bluegrass because not only is it not native to Kentucky it’s not even native to the United States. The grass is considered a good food source for horses though so this is probably why it got such a good start in Kentucky. Perhaps some smart horse breeders and trainers brought the seed over from Europe where it is a native grass. It also grows in the wild in northern Asia and the mountains of Algeria and Morocco.

Kentucky bluegrass is a very strong grass and it can push out some native grasses in some areas. This may or may not be a good thing depending on what your lawn needs are. The grass while strong is slower to get started from seed (can take up to 2 months to get established) and does not do well in shady areas. For best results most Kentucky bluegrass is combined with ryegrass which grows fast and does well in shade. This perfect partnership results in a lawn that is beautiful and green over the whole lawn area.

Most Kentucky Bluegrass seed today is grown on specialist farms in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. It is considered a cool grass meaning that it will withstand colder temperatures and summer droughts that do not extend over two or three months. In the summer it will go dormant without water but spring up green and fresh with cooling weather.

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