Planting Bermuda Grass Seed – Rate of Establishment

What is establishment rate or germination rate? The easy answer is; the rate of establishment or germination rate describes how many Bermuda grass seeds will germinate and the rate at which your lawn will grow when planting Bermuda grass.

With Bermuda grass, each seedling is capable of reaching from one to three feet across within two months is conditions are perfect . . . which they seldom are.

With most Bermuda grass seeding methods, about half of the seeds end up planted too deeply or too shallow. Some of the grass seeds get eaten by birds, ants and bugs.

With the Grass Stitcher your chances of having near-perfect conditions improve dramatically. No longer will you plant Bermuda grass seed too shallow or too deep.

The patented way that the Grass Stitcher helps you plant and spread grass seeds saves you money, time and labor. Watch the video to see how the Grass Stitcher can help you plant Bermuda Grass Seed.

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