Quick And Easy Guide To Repairing Dog Urine Spots In Your Lawn

If you have a dog and a lawn, then there is a good chance your lawn has several yellow patches in it. Those patches are caused by dog urine, and if your dog repeatedly uses those areas, your lawn is going to suffer badly, perhaps even die. There are several things you can do to prevent your lawn from dieing, and the following is the simplest and fastest way we know of repairing dog urine spots in a lawn.

There are only three things you need to stay on top of dog urine spots in your lawn – a bag of lime, a bag of lawn seed, and a lawn repair tool like the Grass Stitcher (haven’t got one – there’s free shipping for the month of September so grab one now).

  • Once your lawn starts to yellow from dog urine, flush it well then give it a light dusting with lime. This will sweeten the soil and counter the acidic nature of the urine. Water the lime in, but don’t over water since you have already flushed the area.
  • Use your lawn repair tool to prepare the damaged area. You don’t need to remove any soil or grass, just perforate through the yellowing grass to the soil below.
  • Sow your lawn seed quite freely, then sprinkle with water. Lightly water each day until the seed starts to germinate, then reduce the watering to once every couple of days.

Once those yellow patches have thickened with a good head of grass, mow at the same height as the rest of your lawn. There is little you can do to prevent yellow spots in your lawn if you have a free ranging dog. You can try to train your dog to go elsewhere, however, they invariably go where they want, since urinating is also seen as territorial marking activity. Keep some lime and lawn seed on hand, and a good lawn repair tool, and you can repair those spots in minutes – and you and your dog can live happily together.

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