When and Where to Plant Bermuda Grass Seed

Planting Bermuda GrassThe short answer is; Bermuda grass grows best when the weather is warm and when you plant it in a place that gets a lot of sun.

Bermuda grass germinates poorly in the shade. There are better choices for the type of grass to plant if your lawn is mostly shaded.

Planting Bermuda grass seeds from around April through August, when the soil’s temperature are higher increases your chance of successful germination. (soil temperatures of above 65° F for long periods of time are optimal)

(18°C). The optimum soil temperature for germination and root growth of Bermudagrass is 75°to 80°F (24° to 27° C) – Higher temps are acceptable provided moisture is maintained.

Also, when selecting where to plant Bermuda grass seed, make sure you have proper drainage for the area for best results.

Using a lawn-starter fertilizer is recommended before planting your Bermuda grass seed as well. You may want to add lime and test the soil where you plan to plant your grass seed. (A PH level of 6.0 or higher is recommended.) You can add lime to raise the PH level if needed.

Using your Grass Stitcher, you can easily loosen the soil to about 6 inches deep and add about a half-inch of powdery or pulverized soil to the top of the area where you will be planting your Bermuda grass seed.

Do not use any type of herbicide or weed killer during grass seed planting! You should not be using herbicides or weed killer for about three months before and after planting. Use a mower or other methods to control weeds.

In our next post, we will add more tips to planting Bermuda turf grass. In the meantime, visit Grass Stitcher.com for more about how this amazing lawn tool can save you time and money.

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